(noun) muhl·tuh·plai·ur,

High-growth entrepreneurs who pay it forward to the next generation

Entrepreneurial success is often narrowly defined by growth, profit, and valuation. But that's just half the story!

Our entrepreneurs know that it's only when they pay it forward - inspiring, mentoring, and investing in the next generation of founders, that they multiply their impact - on job creation, innovation and community transformation. We call it The Multiplier Effect.

Endeavor research shows that it takes just a few successful companies with a Multiplier mindset to jumpstart an ecosystem. These founders break mental and structural barriers that set off a chain reaction to build thriving ecosystems, even in the most unexpected places.

To celebrate the impact of Endeavor Entrepreneurs from all over the world, we mapped their influence through primary data provided by the founders and their teams, with supplemental secondary information from Pitchbook and LinkedIn. The methodology looks at the types of relationships among founders and companies that illustrate the ways in which founders take their knowledge and other resources to help launch or grow the next generation: former employment, mentorship, investment, and serial entrepreneurship. The maps are not exhaustive and represent a snapshot of the founders' impact.

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